Studio Eccabin was founded by Rebecca Turl in 2014. Turl is a multi-disciplinary craftsperson, illustrator and print designer and her hands-on skill and expert eye have driven her career through fashion print and interior fabrics to traditional rug making and luxury upholstery.

A Yorkshire lass whose passion for global craft bloomed during a childhood spent drawing and exploring in Nigeria, Iran and India, Turl started Studio Eccabin as a creative platform with which to deliver luxury products that are also down-to-earth and useful.  The studio works closely with individual artisans both at home in Dartmoor or in India.

I believe that all material things that are hand-made tell a story and I’m excited by the migration of techniques and craftsmanship throughout time – how the trading of resources across cultural boundaries leaves it’s filament that you can trace back time and time again.

Growing up in exotic places meant my idea of heritage was heavily influenced by tribal craft and the communities it serves. This leads me to create work that is both functional and practical as well as symbolic. Exploring ancient techniques and combining them with my own modern narrative helps generate new ideas and the particular combination of skills within my practice –  from small holding, natural dying, upholstery and weaving –  consistently challenge me but also offer me full control of the creative process.

I’m humbled the elementary momentum of craft, that from something living and growing such as a sheep’s fleece to a lump of earth you can create something wonderfully permanent – something that connects you to your ancestry with something  that could easily out live you.  My work redefines tribal heirlooms that can be passed on for many generations and I hope you will turn, as I do, to their nature and craft for ritual, beauty, usefulness,  mindfulness and a sense of self preservation.”


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